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Are you lacking resources to finish a project? Maybe you need technical advice? I can help

  • I provide technical guidance for .NET applications
  • I write Infrastructure as Code using best practices
  • I build lightweight and performant applications in Golang
  • I design & build CICD pipelines with appropriate testing and release strategies
  • I setup secure and resilient Authentication and Authorization for Applications
  • I also build websites, like this one, for small businesses or freelancers

If you need help with building software, websites or managing your cloud infrastructure, please Say Hello

I'm open to contracting roles and freelancing gigs.

About Me

Hello! I'm Tom, a seasoned software engineer dedicated to building software that works the way you want it to. I value a pragmatic approach to completing projects while also bringing best practices and a creative mindset. As a senior or lead engineer with almost 10 years in the technology sector; I specialize in .NET, Golang, and Microsoft Azure.